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The Hidden Job Market and How to Use It

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Summary: Trying to obtain a job through the front door is nearly impossible. Get in the back door by using your network to pass along the word of any known positions before they go public.

We have all experienced that struggle of finding a job that we want. We look through numerous open position listings, not able to find the ones we really want while hearing rumors of those same positions we want being filled. We wonder how we aren’t finding those positions when we are stalking a company’s page daily.

The secret is that companies try to fill positions in-house or through recommendations first before publicly listing them and it is estimated that nearly 80 percent of positions are filled this way. The other twenty percent are filled because no one else wanted the job. Those are the jobs you are applying for on most job search engines.

It is hard to find the hidden job market. Why? Because it is not publicly available. This is where your network plays a crucial part. Let your network know you are looking for something new and would appreciate any tips. The goal is to learn about positions before anyone else so that you can be ready with a resume tailored to the position the moment they actively start hiring.

Think about the jobs that you have gotten, even as far back as high school, and how many you got because you knew someone that was able to recommend you. How many times have you in return gotten friends, family, and those in your network positions? The cycle is endless and it is the best option if you want to find a good job.


The Hidden Job Market and How to Use It by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin