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Best Timeline to Follow When Searching for a New Job

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Summary: Knowing when the best time to search for a job and when to expect better chances for interviews to be held will help alleviate the stress of why the phone call has not come yet.

Job search timing is crucial. While the following timeline is not necessary relevant to college graduates that enter the job market between May and July, the advice will still benefit everyone.

Hunting for a job during the best times of the year, September and October, will make the search easier because there are more job listings. The most hiring takes place during the first of the year in January and February. Searching for a job during the low season – June, July and August – will be harder but not impossible.

Companies tend to hold interviews and hire more employees at the beginning of the year, although there is slight variance depending on the industry. Hiring managers come back from their holiday breaks the first few weeks of January and hit the hiring process hard. One reason for this trend is January brings new budgets.

Summer is the season that people take time off work for vacations, making it difficult to put together the correct people at one time to hire a new employee. With less people generally searching for jobs during the summer, you may be able to stand out more but the hiring process may take longer so that all decision-makers are present.

September and October are the best months to start looking for jobs and putting the word out to your network that you are on the lookout. Hiring managers have returned from summer vacations so they are finally all able to sit down and look at the company’s needs. The whole hiring process will be smoother and faster than other times during the year.

Job hunting during November and December is much like the summer months. Hiring managers and other decision-makers are taking time off for the holidays, so finding a time when everyone is in the office at the same time is difficult. By this time in the year, they are also more likely to put hiring on hold until January comes with new budgets.


Best Timeline to Follow When Searching for a New Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin