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4 Things That Will Transform Your Job Search

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Summary: In order to make your job search more effective, follow these 4 tips.


Job searching is hard. It can be magnitudes harder to NewspaperMagnifyingGlassfind a job than to do the job you finally find and get hired to do. The competition is fierce. There are so many places to look and ways to apply, yet so few solid leads. It can be discouraging. Here are four things that will transform your job search.

1) Focus Your Search

If you were car shopping, you wouldn’t be test driving a sub-compact if what you really need is something to haul around you, your spouse, the kids and your family dog, right?

The same is true for job searching. Whether you are trying to make that next career move or just get a foot in the door, make sure you are looking in the right direction. Figure out what jobs exist that fit your skills and interests. Review these categories on to help you narrow your search. Rather than wallpapering the world with your resume, you can focus various efforts in a specific area.

2) It’s Both What You Know and Who You Know

Be sure to get to know people in your desired field and find out who you already know. One of the quickest links to getting a job is by referral. Effective networking is the key. It’s not all about the social networking style first to a million friends, either. The better you know your contacts and the better they know you, the more likely you will be pointed in the right direction to find a well-fitting job.

3) Research Potential Employers

When preparing for an interview, or even when planning to apply, you should know about the company you are applying for. You might study their industry experience, their culture, and their scope. By doing so, you could learn how to stand out on your resume, or what to expect at your interview. You can plan intelligent questions to ask your interviewer and display your knowledge and interest in the company. You might even learn which jobs and companies to avoid in your focused job search.

4) Perfect Your Resume

I mean this in two ways.

First, make sure your resume is well-designed, absolutely free of errors, and highlights your best skills. Proofread your resume to perfection. Give it to trusted friends, family, and people in your job search network and ask them for suggestions. Make sure your resume is well-tailored to the company and position before you submit it. Maybe even hire a professional resume service.

Second, continue to develop skills and attributes that apply to your career path. Your job search could be a long process. Do not allow yourself to fall behind the competition. Keep your resume perfect by always perfecting your knowledge and achievements.

For more information, check out this article: Job Search Tips for Students by Andrew Ostler.

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Authored by: Cameron Griffin