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Take on a New Career after You Burn Out in Your Current Job

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Summary: The transition to a new career may seem scary, but when your future happiness is in jeopardy, take these easy steps to take that fear away.

The time may come someday to try something new. Your current career may no longer be fulfilling enough for you to continue with happiness. How can you know it is time to make a serious career change versus just being bored with your current position?

– No longer feel like you are growing.

– Become interested in a completely different career.

– Want to pursue more education or advanced degrees.

– Stress from your current job is too much.

– You want to take the leap and start your own business.

If the above reasons are your reasons to change careers then you have to start considering your options. You may be deep into your current career but there are always other possibilities.

– Start with identifying what occupations there are that fit your new interests.

– Research these careers to see if they really are what you are interested in. Look at daily tasks and responsibilities that you could expect to deal with.

– Evaluate your current strengths and skills to determine which ones are transferable and which ones you need to develop.

Once you know what skills you need to have to transition to a new career, you can sign up for classes. When you are learning the needed skills, you will be able to really decide if your newly intended career is what you actually want to do. Consider holding an informational interview of someone either in the exact position you are working towards or in the industry so you can learn what the career is like in real life.

Find a mentor to help guide you through the next phases. They will have a network that you may be able take advantage of. You can now start applying for new jobs and quit your current one. A happy future in your new career awaits.

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Take on a New Career after You Burn Out in Your Current Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin