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50 Marketing Habits Every Company Should Follow

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Summary: Businesses of every size market through multiple channels. Make sure you are utilizing as many of these channels as possible to maximize your success.

Marketing can be an expensive venture for businesses. When they approach marketing wisely, they will find that keep the cost down is not such a challenge and will actually provide greater returns. Here are the simple things that every business, no matter their size, should be doing to maximize their success.

  1. Start fresh each day.
  2. Spend the money for business cards and use them every day.
  3. Keep a blog where you share helpful information each week.
  4. Listen to your customers.
  5. Read business books to find inspiration.
  6. Keep a list that you add to frequently with creative ideas.
  7. Create a Twitter profile.
  8. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  9. Create a Facebook business page.
  10. Create a Google+ page.
  11. Create any other social media pages that may be relevant to your business.
  12. Join Google+ communities to network.
  13. Use your social media pages to engage followers.
  14. Collect email addresses.
  15. Send email newsletters.
  16. Provide customer service through your social media pages.
  17. Offer discounts or special offers to followers.
  18. Host a giveaway.
  19. Ask customers to refer your company.
  20. Ask customers for testimonials.
  21. Ask friends and family for referrals.
  22. Build a referral network through other professionals.
  23. Sponsor an event or cause.
  24. Network with other business owners.
  25. Use Google adwords.
  26. Use SEO to build traffic.
  27. Get interviewed in a magazine, on a blog or podcast.
  28. Advertise on LinkedIn.
  29. Network in LinkedIn groups.
  30. Advertise on Twitter.
  31. Advertise on Facebook.
  32. Advertise on Pinterest.
  33. Attend a networking event.
  34. Offer a freebie to followers.
  35. Thank your customers.
  36. Add a retargeting pixel on your website to advertise to visitors.
  37. Segment advertising between new and existing customers on your email list.
  38. Write a guest blog.
  39. Write a press release.
  40. Ask customers for feedback.
  41. Submit articles to large websites.
  42. Host an online webinar, workshop, or training.
  43. Review competitors to see what is working or not.
  44. Network in Facebook groups.
  45. Send personal cards to customers.
  46. Ask another business to promote yours.
  47. Create your own Facebook group.
  48. Use videos to market your business.
  49. Offer an affiliate program.
  50. Provide value every day.

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50 Marketing Habits Every Company Should Follow by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin