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Creativity and Contacts Rule in Today’s Job Market

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Summary: Want to get your foot in the door with potential employers? Follow this advice.


Question: It is really hard to find jobs right now. How do I get my foot in the door with employers? Are there any little things I should be doing because I am fresh out of college and a minority (Chinese)?

Answer: When the job market is tight, creativity and contacts take on added significance. As a recent graduate, be sure to take advantage of your college’s career services. If you have access to a career counselor/advisor, schedule an appointment for assistance in mapping out a strategy, accessing available alumni employer contacts and preparing for interviews.

Get focused on the types of positions and employers you are seeking, and segue your courses and previous work/internship experience to your targeted audience. Develop an impressive 30-second commercial of yourself (an elevator speech) that sums up in a few sentences your goals, key strengths as they relate to the type of position in question and your request for consideration.

Join a professional association related to your career field and become active through participation in events and involvement in committee work. Also, connect with Chinese professionals in your local community. is a site to take a look at, though you should guard against becoming overly reliant on online job-posting systems at the expense of direct contact. Accessing minority networks and diversity job fairs will open additional opportunities and keep your search “live.”

Creativity and Contacts Rule in Today's Job Market by
Authored by: Andrew Ostler

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