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Five Traits You Need to Be a Leader

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Summary: Leaders in today’s workplace have these have five common traits.

Close your eyes and imagine someone that is a great leader. There is a good chance that you imagined an ambitious white male that may even be bald. That image of leadership is changing in today’s world. The new leaders of today seem to possess a similar trait: a willingness to give back. There are five other new looks to leadership today.

  1. Leadership has become a way of life instead of just a temporary trait. A true leader is filled with excellence. They don’t come up with excuses for everything they do.
  2. Leaders are born, not made. Leadership comes with confidence, not age. You don’t have to be old to be a leader.
  3. Leaders can work hard and prioritize. Balance comes from clarity. Understanding what you can and can’t do makes you into a smarter leader.
  4. Leaders are resilient through obstacles, setbacks, and challenges. Being able to “weather the storm” and not let the unavoidable anxiety, fear, and doubt consume you will let you stay focused as a leader.
  5. A leader will have found their voice and be able to use it wisely. Being loud does not mean you are a leader. In fact, those that are often quieter but speak strongly tend to be followed more by those around them. Even introverts can be leaders if they learn how to effectively speak up when needed.


Five Traits You Need to Be a Leader by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin