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Up To 15,000 New York City Teachers May Experience Emergency Layoffs

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nyc-skyline-1New York City’s current financial crisis is getting ready to take out a portion of the teaching jobs in the United States’ most populated city. It is possible that up to 15,000 teachers may be experience emergency layoffs if the state and federal aid are not enough.

The cuts are not likely to affect teachers who have been teaching for a while and have acquired tenure. Conversely, thousands of younger teachers are hanging in the balance.

A study done by the Urban Institute claims that the more recent hires at public schools in New York City have higher scores on certification exams than do older hires. Thus, it is a concern for some that the layoffs will affect the quality of teaching staff.

Some studies indicate that the difference of being taught by a good teacher by a bad teacher adds up to a grade level’s worth of learning at the end of a school year. According to research, experience in the classroom stops making much of a difference in ability after three years of teaching.

School Districts around the United States are realizing that while Congress’ emergency federal aid package, which is currently pending in Congress, will help avoid teacher layoffs, it won’t rid the education sector of the adverse effects of the recession.

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Up To 15,000 New York City Teachers May Experience Emergency Layoffs by

Authored by: Harrison Barnes