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10 Jobs with the Fastest Growing Salary in 2017

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Summary: Not all the fastest growing salaries are for top level jobs, so there are plenty of options for you to explore no matter where you fall in experience or industry.

While the salary of an occupation shouldn’t be the only reason for choosing the profession, it doesn’t hurt to find something you enjoy that puts plenty of money in the bank. One factor to consider when deciding on a career to pursue is what the future looks like for the job. There are some jobs out there that make lots of money now, but are declining due to changes in technology or lifestyles. Glassdoor analyzed their January Local Pay Report to see where the fastest growing areas were.

  1. Physical Therapist

The median salary is $77,198 with a year-over-year growth in the salary of 9.7 percent. The career is also one of the top 50 Best Jobs in America. There are over 24,000 open jobs available, so it’s no surprise that it’s the fastest-growing salaries.

  1. Store Manager

While the average salary may only be $50,015, the year-over-year growth is at 8.9 percent. Working as a store manager provides flexibility to be on the sales floor as well as make decisions for the business.

  1. Restaurant Cook

The average salary is low at only $30,029, but the growth rate for the salary is at 8.6 percent. The work is hard, but the work environment is fast-paced and full of creative options.

  1. Attorney

The median salary is a healthy $102,291, but it takes a tough road through school to get into a good job as an attorney. Even though passing law school and the bar test may be hard, the salary and career mobility growth of 8.1 percent, the challenge is worth it for most.

  1. Recruiter

The salary growth is at 7.8 percent. The median salary is at $52,899, but there is potential for a lot if they are good at their job. This particular job also falls as No. 17 on the top 50 Best Jobs in America. There are roughly 3,000 positions open across the U.S.

  1. Insurance Agent

The insurance agent industry is growing rapidly. They have the ability to build relationships with their clients and gain a lot of knowledge about the industry along the way. The year-over-year growth for insurance agents is 7.4 percent and their median salary is $44,896.

  1. Truck Driver

You may not have considered being a truck driver as a worthwhile career, but they bring in an average salary of $54,007 and have a growth rate of 7.3 percent. Just imagine the opportunities to see new things and explore that truck drivers are able to enjoy.

  1. Web Designer

With everything turning to the internet, a career as a web designer holds a lot of potential. While the salary growth is only 6.4 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a growth of 27 percent between 2014 and 2014 in the field.

  1. Retail Key Holder

I bet you have never even heard of this job. Generally the job is a step between associate and management, but it can still have its perks as it is. Retail Key Holders are responsible for opening and closing stores as well as helping customers and managing coworkers. The median salary is low at $29,981 and the salary growth is 6.2 percent, but the opportunities the job allows make it worth it.

  1. Java Developer

This career is not for everyone and takes a great deal of education. Java Developers design, create, and maintain software using Java code language. The average salary is $78,448, but with a salary growth of 6 percent and a high demand for them, expect it to rise even more.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin