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Mutual Fund Accounting Jobs – A Brief Overview

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Qualifications and Qualities

In order to look for mutual fund accounting work, you need to have the basic educational qualifications required, apart from the experience of course. You must have a Bachelor’s degree and internships in any financial or analytical capacity are a must. In fact, many courses are available, which include these internships. Apart from course internships, experience is also a very valuable asset.

You also need to have certain necessary skills. For one, you need to be good with your math and have a way with numbers. You also need to have good analytical and organizational skills and proof of them! Confused? These skills must be demonstrated. Just your word, or even a printed sheet is not good enough, you need something (certificates and the like) to reinforce your statement.

A prerequisite for mutual fund accounting careers is that you need to be quite meticulous and have the ability to work under pressure. This is one of the prerequisites of mutual fund accounting careers. Most times accountants are under way too much pressure, if they’re unable to perform under pressure, it could spell trouble for them!


So what exactly does work in mutual fund accounting involve? The very basic work is of course, to oversee and supervise all the accounting activities of mutual funds under the company banner. This means that you need to formulate and prepare a large number of reports which detail the yields, the fund asset values and even the distributions.

You may also need to reconcile the accounts at every month end or even from time to time, so as to make sure that none of the statements are faulty. Not just that, you need to accurately record, in compliance with the Department policies as well as procedures, all accounting securities and even journal entries, among various other things.

You may also have to work in the capacity of an internal auditor. You need to ensure that everything that your organization does is in accordance to the local, state and federation laws which the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) enforces. You may also need to prepare audit schedules, or assist in their preparation and also in the preparation of tax returns, N-SARs and other financial statements.

Work in mutual fund accounting also entails researching securities and fund portfolios as directed by your superiors. This is done to make sure that proper accounting work is done. Now that you know what the responsibilities are, go look for mutual fund accounting jobs today!

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes