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The Importance of Optimism in Your Job Search

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Job searches are not always about creating your documents, sending them out, and getting set for an interview. There is often a waiting period in the interim and this can take on the proportions of the proverbial testing times.

This is especially significant for someone who doesn’t hold a job currently. The bills are mounting, there is no end to them in sight, and worse, there is no regular income to pay them off like before. Worse still, you may suddenly realize that a penny saved is really not the same as a penny earned. The store of savings is fast depleting, and no matter what you plan, you feel you are unable to cope with the situation in the way you would want to. Even when you meet up with friends or to network, there seems to be a general sentiment of not much coming your way in terms of job offers or interviews.

These conditions are conducive to creating a kind of negative environment around you that can seriously hamper your job search efforts, leading to a non productive job search.

But unless you have an alternate source of income, it is more likely that you do not have the luxury to reflect on negative happenings. Logically then, you have to ensure that you keep your levels of optimism high.

How can you keep away the slowdown in your job search, brought on by rejections or a possible delay in interviews or job offer calls? Probably the only way to ensure that you carry on with your job search is to maintain a sturdy dedication to the process of the job search itself. You can try following a few tried and tested strategies to help you maintain a positive outlook during a job search:

  • Chart out a job search strategy for yourself. Create a document and mark out the focus of your job search. With the Internet it is easier to identify potential recruiters and employers. If required, create a spreadsheet with these contacts where you can make notes in adjacent grids about whether you have contacted them once, or you require a follow up, or if they have informed you that they cannot help you. This will help save you time.
  • Interact and network effectively. Gone are the days when people felt shy and unsure about networking with the intention of seeking out a job. Instead, do not hesitate to explore options such as social networking either. The more people you know and interact with, the higher your chances of bagging a job through your contacts.
  • Pay good attention to your documents. Your resume and cover letter are central to making an effective presentation on yourself to a potential employer. If required, spend more time on them; but ensure your documents show you to be a great potential hire the employer could make. Remember, your application is not the only one; there’s probably a heap of them out there, and yours has to catch the recruiter’s attention.
  • Do not let negative feedback affect your determination. Remain confident, whatever the outcome of your application. This is much easier said than done, and hence, you may want to help yourself by interacting with positive-minded people and going all out to avoid those who tend to view the world in a negative manner.

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The Importance of Optimism in Your Job Search by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes