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Marketing PR Jobs – 7 Steps to Getting PR Jobs in Marketing

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Top Step #1: Management first, marketing later!
A marketing PR job requires more management than marketing simply because of the fact that this position being one of the positions of respect, you need to be a leader. It would be best if you could gather some experience from the lower rung of the game before applying for a marketing PR job. Public relations are not personal; and especially with companies – they mean business. It is the relation between the company and the client you need to well define and that is what you should be well versed in. This very personality attribute will be searched in you, when you apply for this job!

Top Step #2: Building
Team building and confidence building are two measures that you should highlight and emphasize on. That is what leaders do and with a PR job in marketing, you can’t help but learn to build relationships!

Top Step #3: Delivering on Commitments
Always understand the importance of time management and the value of committing. You employers will always look at your attitude and constantly analyze you. The better you can convince them about your committing nature, the best for you!

Top Step #4: Charming Persona
This is self defined as a charming persona is surely a pre-requisite to getting a PR job in marketing. It is not like you have to be born with it, but you need to develop that!

Top Step #5: A Great learner
A good leader is a great learner first and when you need a marketing job, you cannot go wrong in this. You have to have this learning attitude when dealing with your bosses and clients. Each experience is a learning experience and with this job, people tend to be over-critical about your work. The trick is to stay unfazed and do your work.

Top Step #6: Being Critical
There is a thin line between critical of one’s self and being over-critical. In case you’re being very harsh with yourself, stop that now! Because you’re simply ruining your chances of bagging that lucrative job in marketing and PR. Being somewhat critical of your self work will also drive you from within and act as an inspiration to you!

Top Step #7: Continuous Self Evaluation
A good leader always wants to stay updated. It is the zeal in them which motivates them and then further drives them to do their work seriously. Self-motivation is an important personality trait that your future employers will try to find in you and then take you in the ranks of the company.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes