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“At Least 1,000” Layoffs To Hit New York State Employees Says Gov.

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paterson42-1Mass layoffs are about to hit the state of New York in a big way. Governor David Paterson announced on Thursday, during an interview with WSYR in Syracuse, that he would have to layoff “at least” 1,000 state workers.

“I think it would be at least 1,000 [layoffs],” the governor said. “I feel very badly for the people being laid off.”

Paterson claims that the layoffs could have been avoided had the employees’ unions agreed to a deal which would have consisted of a suspension of a four percent raise for employees. However, the state unions would not budge.

According to WNBC-TV, the unions are arguing that Paterson had promised to wait until January of 2011 to make any layoffs.

"At Least 1,000" Layoffs To Hit New York State Employees Says Gov. by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes