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Google Partners Up With DirecTV To Sell Television Advertising

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googleSearch engine giant turned advertising giant, Google Inc. has announced that they will begin selling ads on an array of the channels carried on the DirecTV network. Google will sell day-time and primetime ads for Bloomberg, Centric, Current, Fox Business, Fit, Fuel, Sleuth, Chiller, Ovation, and TV Guide channels. However, Google already has in place, deals to sell advertising on an additional 98 cable channels.

Google raked in more than $6.8 billion in Internet advertising last quarter alone. They have had their eyes set on moving towards the television market for the past three years.

DirecTV reaches 18.7 million households throughout the U.S. Including Google’s existing partnerships, the Internet Giant will reach as many as 30 million homes across the country.

Television advertising is estimated to bring in $70 billion annually in the U.S. alone. This fall, Google will a release a “smart” TV that will allow consumers to surf the Internet via their television sets.

The financial terms of the agreement with DirecTV were not revealed.

Google Partners Up With DirecTV To Sell Television Advertising by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes