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Look at Your Job (or the Job You Are Seeking) from Your Employer’s Point of View

One of the highest performing dental offices in Australia is that of Patty Lund, who takes his job very seriously. Some years ago, Dr. Lund studied the dental market and identified what people considered to be the three worst things about going to the dentist. He identified pain, smell, and waiting time.

Reading the Mind of the Interviewer

There are as many inept interviewers as there are inept candidates, and many interviewers fail both their employers, as well as deserving candidates, due to their incompetence. However, a job interview is not part of a democratic process, and while an employer would usually be left in the blind about the failings of the HR personnel, a rejected but deserving candidate has no means of demanding accountability. Consequently, the only option open to a candidate to survive and succeed in an interview is to successfully read the mind of the interviewer and respond adequately.