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Group Publishing Axes 26 Staff in Loveland, Colorado

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Group Publishing, a US private company that creates resources, training, mission and management tools for churches, removed 26 workers at its office in Loveland, Colorado in line with its restructuring plan. Group officials said that the impacted staff received severance packages based on their tenure. Group also arranged a contract with Career Builders, a company that helps people to find employment, to assist the 26 laid off workers during the transition period. Group employed about 289 employees at its Loveland facility before the reductions. The company has been operating in the area since 1974.

Rocky Gilmore, President of Group Publishing, explained that the restructuring plan has been in the works for the past several months. He said that the entire management is saddened about it but the decision is necessary. “I think it was obviously a difficult day for those people that lost their jobs. We spent yesterday and today talking to our remaining staff and helping them understand how we’ll be moving into the future. The response from our staff has been positive.” Gilmore added that the reorganization plan aims to boost the company’s revenue by adopting new business strategies to remain competitive in the church market.

Brian Willms, Loveland Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, said that he understands Group’s decision. He said that US economy is still fragile, though it’s now slowly recovering. “The country’s economic turmoil has calmed a bit, companies aren’t totally out of the storm yet. No one’s really immune to this environment. I think they did what they needed to do to manage the situation. I’m sure it was a difficult decision.”

Gilmore noted that Group doesn’t have any layoff plans to follow the recent cuts. He said that Group remains profitable despite the present market condition. “We’re doing fine, actually. 2010 was a profitable year for Group, but we’re looking to the future. We’re ready now to move ahead and continue to build on our past success and accomplishment of our mission serving churches.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes