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Genesis Casket Co. To Add 300 Jobs To Indianapolis

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GestampGenesis Casket Co., an Indiana-based casket manufacturer, is expanding into a new plant in Far Eastside, Indianapolis and hiring 300 new employees in the process.

The plant plans to have hired 300 workers by 2014 according to an official announcement released by state economic leaders. The move represents an investment of $16.5 million dollars, according to the announcement.

Wages for the new jobs will average at $26 per hour and occupations will range from production and sales, to engineering and management.

Genesis Casket is a subsidiary of Gestamp North America, a Michigan-based company. Gestamp’s parent company, the Spanish-based Gestamp Automocion, employs over 13,000 people worldwide.

Genesis Casket Co. To Add 300 Jobs To Indianapolis by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes

  • Laura Wilder

    Hi Customer!!

    I am proud of what you are doing for Indy.. Prior to moving there I lived just down the road from your plant.

    Thank You for Giving Back to My old Community!
    Indianapolis is the last ruby in a ruff.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Laura Wilder, CPIM, CS
    Jasper Plastics Solutions // Nu-Wood Company

  • They’ve done nothing for this community. If you hold to your boots you will see the article I wrote pretaining to all the things they promised and have feel through on. They are currently about to shut the doors on the plant on Franklin Road as they don’t have any business coming in and are in the RED every month and they will be affecting personnel there. WorkOne got some of these people off of unemployment and they might not be eligible to get back on it. They are untrustworthy company.

    Mary L. Forte