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9 Tips to Help You Prepare to Work Abroad

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Summary: Being prepared by researching the area and associated costs will help you find out how to make new friends and transition to your new daily life.

You have finally landed that amazing job abroad teaching English in a small village in Italy but what now? Working abroad or even studying abroad takes a lot of prep work to make sure the transition goes smoothly. Here are nine tips to help you prepare yourself so that you stay safe and less stressed on your new adventure.

  1. Research the costs

The costs for things in other countries may send you into shock. Make a list of your budget must haves so that you can figure out what your bottom line budget is in a new country. The costs of a gym membership or getting your haircut once a month may turn out to be more than your income can afford but if you prepare for it now, you can find ways to adjust.

  1. Set reserve money away

Although you are working and receiving paychecks in your new location, it is important to have money saved up before you go so that you can start right off traveling and paying for things before you get that first paycheck.

  1. Research the area

Figure out places in the area that are similar to your home now to help reduce the culture shock. It may be as simple as finding a coffee shop so that you can keep the same routine each morning of stopping on your way to work. Researching the area will also help you determine what part of town you want to find a place to live. The more you can learn about where you are going before you arrive, the less you will have to worry about.

  1. Build relationships before you go

With easy access to social media and online sites for just this reason like, it is easy connect with people where you are headed. There are also colleagues you can turn to if you are moving with a job already lined up. These new acquaintances can help you figure things out and adjust.

  1. Create a bucket list

Let’s be honest, you aren’t moving for the job. If you were, it would be ten times easier to get the same job where you are now. You are taking this job abroad for the experience and traveling to those places on your bucket list. Check out books on the area and blogs to find those amazing places that you see in pictures but never thought you would be able to see in person.

  1. Prepare your paperwork

There is the obvious paperwork such as your visa, birth certificate, and bank statements. Also make sure you have paperwork such as references and service statements from your current job in addition to your degree certificates, resources, police checks, and resume. Get the same before you leave your job abroad to help you in your next place.

  1. Get international health insurance

There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign country and being sick or injured. Top off this scary moment with an outrageous medical bill and your entire experience abroad may be ruined. There are health insurance plans specifically for those that are traveling outside their home country.

  1. Pack smartly

Don’t pack every picture frame in your home or item of clothing in your closet. Keep in mind that you are moving to travel. Find out what the seasons are like and if you need to bring anything special for work. Pack as minimally as you can while still being prepared.

  1. Prepare for culture shock

Being in a new place with different customs, languages, food, etc. can be intimidating. Don’t let it get the best of you and send you running home. Continue to explore travel, keeping the adventures fun.


9 Tips to Help You Prepare to Work Abroad by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin