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Houston Airport Plans to Layoff 100 Workers

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On Tuesday, March 29, Houston Airport had a meeting announcing to its employees that more than 100 layoffs could be necessary.  The Airport System currently has 1,640 positions, and cutting about 100 of those would amount to a six percent cut of its workforce.

According to Houston Aviation Department Director Mario Diaz, who was also the person who hosted the employee meeting yesterday, the cuts will potentially affect grounds crews, managers, secretaries, and office staff at all three airports.  These airports include: Bush Intercontinental Airport, Ellington Airport, and Hobby Airport.

Marlene McClinton, an Airport system spokeswoman, said that according to Diaz, positions in the core Airport Operations division might also be done away with.  These positions include people at all three airports that manage airfields, runways, and terminals.

According to McClinton, Managers of departments are currently deliberating about what positions should go.  In May, the final decision will be made and a formal announcement will be given by the airport system on the layoffs and who they will affect.

Houston had been successfully cutting back its budget over the last several months.  Its budget is projected to be $30 million short by June 2011.  The city had managed to avoid serious consideration of layoffs for city workers until this announcement.

Houston Airport Plans to Layoff 100 Workers by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes