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100K Careers – Rules for Success in 100K Job Opportunities

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Thumb Rule for Success #2: The Internet as the Best Help – Doing some Side Business

The internet has revolutionized the way we create and modify our world. Therefore what better a place can be there for capitalizing on a 100k job? Who knows, that figure might be too small in comparison to what potential you may have? It is better if you sit on the internet and do some work – who knows, that may be your calling for the 100k a year job that you’ve dreaming about?

Thumb Rule for Success #3: Recognize that Knock on the Door

Most of us do not hear that knock on the door, when there is one. Fewer still hear the knock but do not respond to it. Opportunity does knock on one’s doors especially if it is a 100k a year paying job. The idea is to recognize it and then capitalize on it. Who knows that it might not even be a job but a seemingly simple work and your dedication towards it will help you scale heights! When in a $100,000 job, all you need to do is to compel that knock on the doors – expectedly, you’ll have a lot of responsibility and authority then, to make this happen!

Thumb Rule for Success #4: Sparks of Leadership

A leader is one who keeps the group as a cohesive unit; he can motivate and extract the best out of others – such are the qualities of a leader. A leader is also a one who is a master problem solver. If you want a 100k a year job, you must hone your problem solving skills. Sharp, smart and on the job thinking will surely impress your employers and give them a reason to hike your salary by another 100k a year! The ‘smartness quotient’ of a big earner lies in his ability to lead others by example, solve problems and think simple.

Thumb Rule for Success #5: Keeping it Simple

It is often seen that seemingly the toughest of problems are the easiest to solve. One such great example would be to cite what happened when scientists and astronauts faced a problem about writing in zero-gravity space. Scientists got busy to invent an ink that would work in zero-gravity! When they failed after repeated attempts, they organized a national level competition for the same. And guess from where the solution came and what was it? The problem solver was a primary school kid who simply suggested them to use a pencil in space instead of a pen!

This is the power of keeping things simple and then solving the ‘tough’ problems. 100k paying jobs requires you to be on your best always when it comes to solving problems.

100K Careers - Rules for Success in 100K Job Opportunities by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes