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GM Advertising during the Super Bowl

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Choosing to advertise during the Super Bowl can definitely be tricky and it is a risk for the companies that choose to put out such money for an advertisement spot during the Super Bowl. When it comes to advertising during the Super Bowl, these companies can either do really good and nail it right on the head, or they can absolutely ruin it and destroy their reputation completely. Because there is such a risk, the companies who actually put out money for a spot during the Super Bowl work very hard to ensure that their advertisement will be a success. GM is making sure of this but they are doing so with an entirely new approach.

Many of the GM brands, like Chevrolet, run advertisements throughout the Super Bowl which takes place in the month of February. However, the head of global marketing for GM, Joel Ewanick, would like to increase the presence of the company throughout the game by using GM vehicles in other advertisements and commercials.

This is a strategic move and it is actually quite clever. When you think about it, other companies, such as GoDaddy, a company known for being a domain registrar, might advertise during the Super Bowl. In that advertisement, a Camaro or Corvette could be featured. It is quite interesting to think of all the possibilities and how GM will use its car in other commercials.

This interesting idea could truly work and even better, it will cost GM much less than an actual advertisement spot would cost during the Super Bowl. A 30 second spot during the Super Bowl would cost at least $3 million, if not more. The advertisements during the Super Bowl cost more than any other advertising spot in television. GM could still get plenty of coverage throughout the game without having to spend so much money on a spot.

While this strategy does seem interesting, there could be some problems that would arise. For instance, a company placing its own products into an assortment of advertisements could cause confusion and put GM into a gray area. Most importantly, the networks do not allow various competitors to appear within the same commercial advertisement block which could make it difficult for GM to truly get the amount of advertisement it wants or needs. The way the advertisement spots are arranged is in a way where competitor products and brands will not be featured on right after the other.

If GM is placing its vehicles in an assortment of commercials, it could become a challenge for the network to avoid displaying the commercials without also displaying its competitors within the same advertisement block. This could end up being a downfall for the company.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes