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adRise Sees Growth with Television Advertising

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adRise is definitely the leader of Connected Television advertising, as it has continued to grow on a monthly basis and has partnerships with some of the most popular video advertising networks. adRise is the first of its kind, an advertising platform used for connected devices, and it allows advertisers to reach specific targeted audiences through televisions that are connected to the internet.

The company first launched its advertising partnerships with Tremor Video and Brightroll. Since then, the company now works with at least 8 of the most popular top 10 video advertising networks. This information alonecan prove just how much progress the company has made and how successful it truly is and will continue to be as it continues to grow and expand.

adRise also supports 11 of the different Connected Television platforms and currently runs on Google TV, Western Digital, Samsung, iOS and Android tablets and phones, amongst various other platforms. Some of the supported manufactures includes Sony, Samsung, Apple, and Toshiba.

With all of its success, adRise can present such a humongous opportunity for the content owners. There are a lot of content owners who have adRise to thank for their success and for their ability to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. Without adRise, they simply would not have had the success they have today.

The CEO of adRise, FarhadMassoudi, has said, “We’re in the process of integrating our ad solution into more than 150 applications across these 11 platforms.” He also says, “We’ve seen sustained growth month over month since launch, and signed up all the top 5 video ad networks as partners. We’re seeing massive uptick in apps on the content side as well. It’s exciting to see our vision proving itself out so quickly.”

In the meantime, the CEO of TubeMogul, Brett Wilson, has said, “Combining the branding power of television with the efficiency and targeting of real-time media buying is precisely what we promise all of our clients across every screen. Innovative partners like adRise help us to deliver on that promise.” Wilsion is especially thankful for a company like adRise and its ability to help.

adRise is a company that was very first to offer vide advertisement exchange for specific connected devices which includes advertisements that are made with interactive features for consumers to truly be engaged in the advertisement. This is a new way for a broad range of audiences to watch video on connected televisions, for content owners to be able to monetize their content, and for advertisers to have a better shot at engaging their audiences with the specific advertisements. It is obvious that a company like adRise makes it a win-win situation for all involved.

adRise Sees Growth with Television Advertising by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes