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South Carolina Campaigns Spending Big Money

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Many campaigns along with “super PACS” are working to figure out where the fight is and it seems to be in South Carolina. Tons of advertising dollars have been put into the South Carolina area within the past few days. Aside from Iowa, it seems that South Carolina is going to be another one of the major advertising areas.

On Monday, the Mitt Romney group spent about $2.3 million on advertisements for the South Carolina area. This information came recently, after a support group for Newt Gingrich made claims that it plans to commit at least $3.4 million into running advertisements and commercials in the South Carolina area. The campaign for Romney has spent $1.2 million in South Carolina as well as the Florida area.

The voters who live in the South Carolina area have already witnessed over 5,000 different campaign advertisements for the presidential elections. In the New Hampshire area, voters had only seen about 2,800 presidential campaigns by Monday morning. This information was provided by the Kantar Media Campaign Media Analysis Group.

Because there are only two weeks left until the primary, which takes place on January 21st, many strategists for the campaigns are racing to buying spots for the advertisements as a means of competing against the competitor. In the meantime, these advertisements will need to have messages that will get their point across to the voters and ultimately help them make the right decision as to who they will vote for.

Russ Schriefer, the media strategist for Mitt Romney, has said, “I think it’s going to get really crowded, really fast.” He also says, “There are six candidates, five are running ads there, and each of them has a super PAC.” He continued by saying, “That’s 10 entities running ads. And that’s before you factor in the other interests and their ads. So you could easily have 20 entities on television.”

The Romeny campaign alone has bought about $350,000 worth of different commercials for the state. In the meantime, Rick Santorum has also bought the same amount of advertising in hopes that South Carolina will be the state that helps him and his campaign get the steam they need. In one of his commercials, he is described as being one of the conservatives that can be trusted.

Aside from these two candidates, Newt Gingrich has also spent about the same amount. Rick Perry has even spent about $300,000 on advertising campaigns as of Monday which leads to a complete total of $500,000. A supporting PAC of Rick Perry has even spent more than $1 million in the state of South Carolina and will be pumping out even more money for the state within the next few days, especially as the primary approaches.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes