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The Highest Advancing Women Share Six Personality Traits

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Summary: When looking at some of the most successful working women, a survey found six personality traits that were the most common among them.

A survey of 85 women holding senior vice president positions or higher was conducted by Caliper, a talent management consulting firm. The women manage departments such as marketing, research and development, or sales. They answered a series of surveys that covered 15 different performance areas and a personality assessment. The survey found that the women shared six personality traits.

Here are the six traits:

  1. Assertiveness – being straightforward in how you communicate
  2. Aggressiveness – giving constructive, emotional elements to get things done
  3. Empathy – able to understand and relate to how others feel
  4. Ego-Strength – being resilient and capable of overcoming challenges
  5. Stress Tolerance – being comfortable with high-stress environments
  6. Energy – having enthusiasm and vitality at work

Some of these traits may be surprising at first but with a deeper examination we can understand how empathy is a common trait whereas sympathy is not. Another trait you won’t see in the highest performing women is accommodation. Success relies on influencing others with leadership and is not possible if you are trying to get everyone to like you.

Since it is a known fact that there are fewer women in higher leadership positions, some women over exert their dominance, are less empathic, and follow the rules thinking that will help them succeed. This can actually have a negative effect and make it more difficult for them to advance in their careers.

Caliper suggests that the best way for women to advance in their careers is to be self-aware. You can do this by conducting your own survey of these traits among people you know so you can get honest feedback. The results may find that you are lacking in your energy at work, helping you know where to start in order to learn or improve in all of these six key traits.



The Highest Advancing Women Share Six Personality Traits by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin