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Certain Companies Dominating Super Bowl Advertisements

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There is one trend, in particular, that proves the economy is making improvement and finally growing, especially after such a crippling recession, which left the economy in turmoil. However, the one trend that proves the economy is turning around for the better is the growth in the number of car sales. Throughout 2011, car sales had increased by over 10 percent, which has been be the best amount of car sales made since 2008, right when the recession was taking its toll on the economy.

The American automobile makers seemed to do exceptionally well throughout 2011, especially as many of the Japanese car makers, including Honda and Toyota, were dealing with a huge earthquake and damaging tsunami, which seemed to cripple the manufacturing sector in that area, ruining a lot of parts and inventory that was needed for the construction of these cars. This allowed the United States automakers to resurge. And, they surely did.

With the New Year of 2012 finally here, automakers want to find out whether or not their success was based on the growth of the economy or because of the turmoil that the Japanese car makers were struggling with, most of which were simply out of their hands. 2012 will be an important year for car sales in the United States, which is for sure.

With the Super Bowl approaching, which will air on February 5th, automakers and advertisers have realized that this is, by far, one of the best times to advertise. The Super Bowl is a sports event that will be viewed by millions of people and it is, in fact, the most watched televised event in history. And, because such a wide audience of people will be watching the Super Bowl, automakers want to take advantage of this opportunity to advertise to tons of people in one sitting. Automobile manufacturers are not only creating advertisements to be featured during the Super Bowl, they are also creating sneak peeks of the commercials, along with interactive games and social media fun as a means of truly engaging the audience.

This will be the first time that Lexus is ever advertising during a broadcast of the Super Bowl. Volkswagen, on the other hand, will be using adorable dogs, dressed up as Star Wars characters, to advertise for their automobiles. Hyundai will also be advertising a commercial that features an animal as well. The Acura has signed on several celebrities to represent their company during the advertisements. Kia will be using Adriana Lima, super model, for its commercial. And, Chevy has an exhilarating advertisement planned for the Super Bowl.

All twelve of the automobile brands have already purchased spots to be featured during the Super Bowl and have spent millions in doing so.

Certain Companies Dominating Super Bowl Advertisements by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes