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10 Highest Paid Advertising Tech Executives

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Summary: The overall compensations for those on the list have decreased substantially from their compensation in 2014, but they are still raking in the dough as ad tech execs.

The industry of advertising technology has been booming in the past few years, placing numerous executives at the top of income ladder. Unfortunately, there are no women on this list. While this list only examines public companies, it does include the total annual 2015 compensation such as option awards, stock awards, other incentives, and salary to determine who makes it. The list also only considers pure-play companies so ad tech execs at companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc are not included.

  1. Frank Addante, The Rubicon Project CEO

Addante made $5,119,575 in 2015. In 2014, he made over $11 million so even with a $6 million drop in overall compensation, he is still the highest paid ad tech exec.

  1. Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Criteo executive chairman

His overall compensation was $4,438,448 for 2015. He was the chief executive until January 1 of this year when he was moved to the executive chairman position. He earned approximately $5.6 million in 2014.

  1. Gregory Raifman, The Rubicon Project president

Raifman received an overall compensation of $3,685,276 last year.

  1. Erin Eichmann, Criteo CEO

His overall compensation for 2015 was $3,648,377. He became the CEO on January 1 of this year. He previously was the president and chief operating officer.

  1. Todd Tapin, The Rubicon Project chief operating officer and chief financial officer

Tapin received $3,549, 456.  In 2014, he received $6 million.

  1. Bret Wilson, TubeMogul CEO

Wilson received an overall compensation of $2,010,669 in 2015. The company experienced greater net losses despite increasing revenue.

  1. Romain Niccoli, Criteo chief technology officer

His compensation was $1,967,937 for 2015. He is the cofounder of the company.

  1. David Yovanno, Marin Software CEO

His compensation for 2015 was $1,803,725. Last year he earned $5.8 million.

  1. Jayant Kadambi, YuMe CEO

Kadambi received $1,724,500 last year.

  1. Monte Zweben, Rocket Fuel’s former executive chairman

He earned $1,397,992 for his role as chairman.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin