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Chrysler Advertisement and Politics

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By far, the most popular and controversial advertisement featured during the Super Bowl, was Chrysler’s advertisement. Unlike the vast majority of other advertisements displayed during the Super Bowl, which took place on February 5th and aired on NBC, the advertisement did not feature adorable animals, beautiful women, or cute little babies. Instead, the commercial, which lasted for an entire two minutes, featured Clint Eastwood, who promoted the comeback of Chrysler, especially after dealing with such economic turmoil in the past.

After running for half a day, the advertisement became such a huge point, especially for President Barack Obama, who will be running in the re-election campaign. This advertisement proved that even an advertisement, featured during a football game, could rely heavily on politics. Some of the critics claim that the Chrysler advertisement was created as a way for the company to payback President Obama, after saving the company from its financial problems years before. Critics believe that it was a strategic move, with hundreds of millions of people watching the game, to advertise for re-electing President Obama.

One Republican, Karl Rove, says Chrysler was simply trying to settle debts it made with Obama and his administration, after they bailed Chrysler out from financial crisis, providing the company with billions of dollars.

While the advertisement was popular, it was not necessarily popular with good reason. Many people actually voted this commercial their least favorite commercial during the Super Bowl game. Many are suggesting that the automobile company simply felt that they needed to do something, as a way of helping to pay back the President, in a sense; for all that he has done for the particular company.

In the meantime, the chief political strategist for President Obama, David Axelrod, tweeted on the popular social networking website, Twitter, saying that the commercial was such a powerful spot. As a way of making people believe that Obama was not involved in the creation of the spot, Axelrod asked whether or not Clint Eastwood narrated the commercial.

In the meantime, it is expected that Chrysler wanted to give thanks to the president that saved the company from closing down. The president, at the time, made a decision that was not favorable amongst many other people. There were a lot of people who were against the decision but the president believed in the company and did not want millions of jobs to go down the drain.

Clint Eastwood, who is featured in the advertisement and also narrates the advertisement, talks about how the country, as a whole, needs to stick together and cannot be knocked out with just one punch. He also says, in the advertisement, that it is important for the country as a whole, to pick up and get right back on its feet.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes