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Texas School Hopes to Advertise for Revenue

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Most people do not think of advertising on the roof of a suburban high school, however, it may work out for the Humble Independent School District. The high school is conveniently located by a flight path from the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. The plan to advertise on the rooftop has become a suggestion and idea but has not happened just yet. However, it is expected to happen as the Humble Independent School District has already added advertisements on its school buses, along with advertisements on all parts of the football stadium.

This school district is doing what many other school districts are hoping to do in the future, allow advertisements to be placed on different types of school property as a means of making money, especially after the budget cuts are made.

Revenue earned from advertisements is a basic win-win situation. The advertisers get to spread the word about their businesses and products while the school districts are able to earn an added income. However, while advertising in schools seems to work for both sides of the fence, there are still some researchers who are worried about the impact that these advertisements have on the school, along with the way commercialism is sneaking its way into everything, including schools.

There are certain companies, such as Steep Creek Media, that have been able to help schools get the advertising they want and need so that they are able to earn an income from the advertisement revenue. The business for Steep Creek Media seems to be increasing as more school districts are making the decision to allow advertising in schools.

The company helps advertisers to choose where they want their advertisements to be placed. Advertisements can be featured on actual school buses, along with the covers of textbooks, inside of the cafeteria, and in different areas of the school property.

When choosing to advertise within a school, it is important that school board members pay attention to what is being advertised and put plenty of thought and effort into the process beforehand. There are some school districts that jump directly into agreements for advertising simply because they know they need the money, especially after budget cuts take place. However, instead of jumping right into the advertising, it is important that the districts think of the students, especially when it comes to the types of messages that will be delivered to the students. For example, as obesity rates are increasingly high, students are learning to eat healthier and avoid consuming fast food. It would not be a wise choice to allow advertisements for fast food to be featured within the school because it would basically go against everything that is being taught to the students.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes