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10 Tips to Help Advance Your Career

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Summary: There are ten simple tips that can help you stand out at work, including being professional and giving credit to those that help you.

There is more to climbing the corporate ladder than sucking up to your superiors. A lot of being considered for a promotion or new job title involves your outlook and willingness to try new things. With those new opportunities you might make more mistakes but being honest and truthful shows more room for trust on bigger projects.

  1. Don’t get hung up on a title. While titles and promotions are important, letting them be the focus will prevent you from advancing organically by working hard, acting professionally, and dressing the part.
  2. Admit mistakes. Genuinely and truthfully do your best work for no other reason than to impress yourself but be humble. It takes true strength of character to admit to making a mistake.
  3. Be an ambassador. No matter what your job title, you represent your company and your boss. Stay wise in your conduct and professional manners at any work event.
  4. Never give up a task. Exhaust every resource and option before admitting defeat; more often than not there is a way to get it done. Make sure not to rush the task just to get it done either because it will show.
  5. Step outside your comfort zone. Nothing ever comes easy and being a versatile member of the team will expand your experiences.
  6. Act outside your job description. Look for ways to help the company be better even when it’s not part of your job role, especially at a start-up. When you take it upon yourself to improve something, it will be noticed and allow you to take on more responsibility. More responsibility means more trust to be an essential member of the company.
  7. Say yes. Be confident in your abilities to accept any opportunity. Love what you do and put forth every effort in your projects.
  8. Give credit when it is due. Praise your mentors and other people that have helped you along the way. Give this credit often and give it loudly. Don’t forget to be a mentor to others and pay it forward.
  9. Be open. Few paths are straight so be open to new opportunities. You never know how they may turn out and lead to other open doors.
  10. Be prompt and proactive. These two habits will always benefit you in life, especially in the workplace.


10 Tips to Help Advance Your Career by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin