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Advertising Plans for Amazon

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Since the beginning of Amazon, the company has always banked in on knowing the types of habits of the consumers, especially when it came down to the types of products they bought. This is what helped Amazon to grow as a company. However, the company is now using this important information as a way of helping different advertisers so that they can target specific audiences. This is something that the advertisers can appreciate because they waste less time and money advertising to people who will not be interested, which has definitely been a common problem that advertisers were facing in the past, especially when advertising online. Instead of wasting time and money, the advertisers will be using tactics that allow them to advertise to targeted audiences, the people who are actually more likely to use and buy the products and items that are being advertised to them based on their consumer habits and what they look for online.

With its new plans intact, Amazon could become quite the competitor against some of the other well-known sites, such as Google. Google is already currently working on selling advertisements that will be targeted to certain people, a particular audience of people who are much more likely to use or buy these products. And, the company recently hired a Yahoo advertisement executive, Seth Dallaire, which shows that Amazon is getting very serious about the entire digital advertising world and is prepared to put this plan into full action very shortly.

Within just the past few weeks, Amazon has already started talking to different executives about their new plans to help advertisers reach targeted audiences via trading desks. Trading desks will be used to provide information about the consumer based on the type of things they search or buy. Things that relate to each particular person will be advertised to them specifically. This also means that Amazon is basically tracking different information of its users as a way of helping advertisers find out what the consumers are doing and what types of products they like and use.

It seems as though Amazon has a plan to sell a bundle package to buyers, mainly advertisers who will be interested in Amazon’s approach of targeting specific audiences. As of right now, an executive for the company was unavailable for comment but a statement was released by the company, stating that they believe a combination of both data and media will be quite valuable for many advertisers.

The GM for one of the display media companies, VP-display media, Medan Pagliuca, says that she is excited for this new opportunity that is becoming available and that she is also excited about the ability to be able to work with Amazon.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes