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Google under Investigation in United States and Europe

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The Google Incorporation will be under investigation in the United States as well as Europe due to a code that was used to basically violate the privacy settings that any iPhone user could place on their phone. It is believed that the popular company, most commonly known for its search engine website, used a code that basically tricked the Internet browser for the iPad and iPhone, along with computers, which ended up providing private information to the Google Incorporation. It is believed that the private information was not just received but also used to Google’s advantage.

The information that was provided to Google was used for advertising, as a means of targeting specific audiences and setting up advertising profiles so that the company could, in return, earn more money. Because of this, many privacy groups are disgusted and are understandably very upset, believing that Google has officially crossed the line. In the past few months, Google has made headlines due to controversy about its privacy or the lack of privacy thereof; especially since the company released their new privacy policy which showed that user’s private information could be shared for their personal use.

The American Federal Trade Commission will now be investigation the company to see what violations they may have made, especially when it comes to the privacy of the people who use the iPad, iPhone, and the Google search engine through their PC. The European Union also plans to investigate Google and its privacy policy.  Now that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the company, they have actually discontinued using the code.

It has been said that Google used some sort of trick to basically receive information from the users. Google claims that they have not done anything wrong and that they plan to cooperate with the investigation and officials who have any question about the code that was used. Google also says that they are no longer using the code for their web browser, Safari, which is used on all of the Apple products. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad will typically be using Safari to search the web.

Even though there was a huge outcry in the United States and Europe, Google did not seem to care. They still introduced their entirely new privacy policy on the first of this month, even though there was talk that the new privacy policy would be illegal in the country of Europe, along with other countries around the world. One former executive of the Google Company is against them, saying that they have become obsessed with advertising and finding out the private information of different people as a way of targeting them with advertisements and earning more.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes