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Schieffer School of Journalism Developing Student Agency

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The Schieffer School of Journalism is currently working on the development of a student agency which would work on different communications, allowing students to have internships that truly give them a taste of the real world. This is important for students because it gives them the opportunity to see what it is like in the real world, at the job, after completing school. The announcement about the development of the student agency was announced by the public relations manager, Meghan Chamberlin.

The associate professor of the school of journalism, Julie O’Neil, says that the agency will be full of faculty members and she also says that the agency received a lot of support from different foundations. The agency, which is driven by an assortment of students, has been referred to as Roxo. Roxo is the word purple in the Portuguese language. There were actually hundreds of name choices to choose from. However, the decision to go with Roxo came after all of the choices were carefully looked over by different focus groups. An online survey also took place to get the opinion of different students who attend the school.

This new agency will be located at Moudy South and will be directly on the second floor. The office for the agency will be very spacious, with computer labs and all sorts of tables and amenities for students to interact and work on different things. As of right now, there are several students who are competing with one another for internships, which are limited. Right now, there are 15 internship slots available for the fall semester of 2012. With only 15 internship slots available, the students have to compete hard with one another to ensure a spot for the internship. The agency is already looking at the candidates and working on figuring out who they should choose for the different internship positions.

Any students who choose to be involved with Roxo will receive some elective credits, which makes it a win-win situation for the school and for the students as well. Students will be able to put their involvement with Roxo on their resume, which will look good for them when they are applying for different job positions in the future. In the meantime, students who work as interns for the internship will have the opportunity to work on all different services for the clients, gaining experience with all sorts of things. A lot of the work that the students will be responsible for will be interactive which gives the students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience for their work. Students may be responsible for building websites and even setting up social media campaigns, which would be featured on a variety of social media websites.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes