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New Advertising Software Promises Maximum Mileage For Company’s Advertising Budgets

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Jeremy Bloom, former NFL football player and Olympic skier, has confirmed that the company that he co-founded with Hart Cunningham has raised $11 million from Comcast Ventures, Cable-TV Mogul John Malone’s Liberty Global and the Colorado-based Foundry Group.

Bloom and his partner Cunningham said, the money would be used to open offices in New York and San Francisco and for the next phase of product development and bring the company closer to achieving its mission of connecting all avenues of advertising into one unified platform.

Jeremy Bloom had once explained in an interview, what the mission of his company Intergrate was, “There are hundreds of ad networks and thousands of affiliates and even more publishers. It’s disjointed. So, on the demand side, we integrated all of that into a single aggregation point.”

Integrate has built a technology that keeps track of ad servings from all possible sources, online and offline, and monitors to evaluate their impact on advertising. It actually helps advertisers evaluate if they are able to reach consumers.

Bruce Dines, Vice President of Liberty Global Ventures, said, “We view Integrate as a value-add platform that can assist us in managing the complexity of multiple performance-based campaigns, while providing us with hard data regarding the performance of those campaigns.”

Integrate says, that it sorts out the huge browsing and shopping data collected by website and other sources and then uses it to “rank viewership and purchases that follow consumer exposure to ads.”

Bloom said, this helps advertisers analyze today’s complex media markets, “With traditional media buying, you need a ton of people,” “We’re helping them automate the entire process. We help them eliminate the human friction.”

Sam Landman of Comcast Ventures, “As advertisers shift more budget toward performance buys, and as audiences become increasingly fragmented, Integrate is using technology to simplify process and optimize results for their customers.”

Integrate was named the winner of the 2011 new company of the year award, by the American Business Awards. The feedback and accolades that they have received have ranged from “awesome experience” “painless process” “,”Integrate has been nothing but professional” and “In a sea of clone networks, Integrate actually brings some unique value to the table.”

New Advertising Software Promises Maximum Mileage For Company’s Advertising Budgets by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes