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14 Apps to Change Things Up in Your Life

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Phone apps

Summary: With so many apps available, don’t be afraid to experiment with some new ones to see what works best for you and your needs.

How many apps do you use? There are over 1.6 million apps on Google Play and 1.5 million on the iTunes App Store to have fun with. Chances are you only use a handful of apps and probably only a couple on a regular basis. With our daily needs and demands changing, an app that works for you one week could be replaced with something better as your needs change.

Here are 14 apps that may be just what you need to spice up your app usage experience.

IceCream – This app is for the iPhone photographer. The photo space on your phone can fill up quickly, but using this app will allow for you to take and keep 250 to 2,500 more images without deleting any.

Free Time 2 – For the iPhone user that is booked to the limit, this app connects with your existing calendar in Google, Outlook, Apple, or whatever and calculates your free time. You can share your availability with others when needed.

Helium – This OS X app is great for multi-taskers. Who doesn’t want to watch media and work at the same time? Not only can you watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube clips, you can keep track of your team’s chat conversations in the same tab.

Reserve – This app is available on Android and iOS for food enthusiasts. The app acts as a digital concierge service where you choose and book a table at some of the best restaurants. The app also keeps your payment info so you can use it to pay instead of pulling out your wallet during the meal.

Waze – This app can be found on iOS, Windows, and Google Play. View this app as a social GPS to track its users to help them avoid congestion. The app also alerts users to slow-downs such as accidents, police, fires, hazards, etc. Everyone can benefit from spending less time driving.

Treatings – This iOS app is for those that thrive on networking. The app analyzes your professional experience, favorite coffee shops, and career interests to match you with a person and place to have a networking get-together.

Weekend Getaway – This app is for web browsers Firefox and Chrome. Upon installation, four getaways appear each time you open a new tab. The suggestions are always less than four hours away so that they are always achievable weekend getaways.

Hooked – This iOS app is like reading a book in the form of text messages. The new way of delivering a fictional story is addictive and a way to get some reading done on your iPhone.

Avoid Humans – If you wish to avoid people or want to know what places are packed, this web app will come in handy.

Timely – As a planning and time-tracking app, you can input meetings, projects, and phone calls as you use the time to stay on schedule. The app syncs with a desktop version to keep your on track when away from your work.

Bandsintown – Keep track of your favorite new bands and live music events with this app for iOS and Android.

Nugget – Find inspirations that can change your mood, motivate you on those tough days, and focus your efforts on your goals in this app on iOS and Android. The quotations featured come from personal and business development books.

QUEST – Change up your to-do list to be like a video game and each task completed a step towards your quest’s completion. The more you get done, the more levels you move up.

Elevate – Enhance your professional skills like public speaking, memory, comprehension, and focus. The app creates a personalized training program based on whichever soft skill you wish to develop through short games and lessons. The program is fun and lets you follow your progression. It is available for iOS and Android.


14 Apps to Change Things Up in Your Life by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin