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Deloitte Will Acquire Aggressor LLC

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Deloitte recently made an announcement, stating that it has signed an agreement and will now be acquiring the assets of the Aggressor LLC. Aggressor is a prestigious business that works on IT consulting. The company also works on finding different solutions for Workday. Workday is a type of software used for different human resources duties, which includes payroll and management of finances.

With this new acquisition taking place, Deloitte will become a leader when it comes to working with Workday technology. Deloitte will become a stronger company and will be able to transform its current practice by expanding its capabilities. There are so many different companies around the globe that rely heavily on Workday software because it makes the management of different things so much easier. Workday is used for payroll and management of finances but is also used for talent and capital management as well. With the assistance the software provides, many companies are able to accurately measure different things and are also able to get an insight on the finances for the company.

Deloitte recently released a report, the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2012, which shows that a lot of companies are focusing primarily on becoming more advanced with human resources, especially since there are a lot of transforming types of technology coming about. Such technology includes cloud. The managing director for Deloitte Consulting, Barbara Adachi, says that the acquisition helps Deloitte to grow and expand its capabilities for human resources. Adachi believes that with the acquisition, the company is now a leader when it comes to helping provide companies with solutions for Workday, improving the support for clients and helping them to keep up with current innovations and technology.

The main office for Aggressor is located in Pleasanton, California. Staff members at Aggressor have the talent that will compliment Deloitte very well, helping the company to maintain leadership and continuously grow. There are exactly 100 employees from Aggressor who will be staying on board and will join the Deloitte consulting practice. The co-founder of Aggressor, David Hom, believes that the acquisition will be a fantastic experience, offering clients so much more when it comes to services. He believes that the acquisition will be a complete transformation and he is thrilled to have talent from two separate companies come together and work as one.

The co-founder of Workday, Aneel Bhusri, is also excited. Bhusri believes that with two providers of Workday solutions coming together, Aggressor and Deloitte, the Workday clients will benefit the most, which is something that is generally most important. Clients will receive the support and assistance they need, with so many more service options available. He is thrilled with the acquisition as well.

Deloitte is a company that is all about helping other organizations manage their human capital in an effective manner, so that their business will be able to grow and expand.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes