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Top Trends in Human Resources

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human resources trends

Summary: Companies that put more into their employees and their needs, will receive more in return from those same employees in the form of loyalty, hard work, and trust.

The economy and job market are bouncing back from the recession in 2008. Along with new technologies, HR departments can expect to see a change in how companies improve productivity and keep budgets tight.

According to China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work, the “100 best companies offer nearly double the hours of on-the-job training to employees as companies not on the list”. Employees have made it clear that the investment of time and money into career development programs pays off.

The implementation of advanced software programs that help with recruitment and screening will save time and resources while producing top rate employees and candidates to fill specialized roles. However, only a small percentage of companies have taken this step to use talent analytics software.

Companies that want to be on top of the list of most desirable places to work are taking the effort to help their employees build a better understanding of financial well-being. Companies are providing their employees with the services and tools needed to make smart financial decisions. This effort comes from all of the studies that show that finances are a leading stress indicator.

One engagement survey a year is not enough for companies and organizations to keep up with their employee engagement levels. Providing continuous avenues for feedback with stay and exit interviews, open blogs, and other open communication events will help companies understand what it takes to make theirs the best.

Health care is still a big deal for employees, especially with the Affordable Care Act. Surveys have found that an average of 79 percent of HR professionals worry that health care costs will affect the workplace in a bad way over the next four years.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin