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Chrysler Cars Fueled By Ads that Runs on Emotions

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Bolstered by the exceptional exposure and media hype that Chrysler’s Clint Eastwood “Halftime in America” ad generated, the automaker is now making four ads that talks about father-son bond, husband-wife relationships, sacrifice, perseverance against all odds and steely determination, all emotional themes that Americans can identify with.

These ads, one each for Chrysler, Ram, Dodge and Jeep, tell emotional stories about Americans overcoming adversity and making it through difficult times.

The new ads, created by Chrysler with the Portland, Ore.-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, continue in the same vein as the “hope and encouragement” message delivered by Clint Eastwood in the first ad and continues to play with the “Imported from Detroit” tagline.

The four ads carry four stories of resolve, fortitude, commitment and responsibility. The Chrysler ad has a story of a father’s pride in his now adult son standing on his feet and making it on his own. Chrysler’s says that it encourages the youth and emboldens them to “shoot for the stars”.

The second ad, featuring Dodge, shows a retired serviceman speaking about the importance of living life with dignity and of honor and family. The third ad, tells the story of how a girl adapts to a new town where her family is forced to move following her mother’s job, reflecting on the Americans never-say-die spirit and finally the most poignant ad of them all tells the story of a wife’s appreciation for the fortitude and perseverance of her husband as he struggles to make ends meet and provide for the family.

The company CMO Olivier Franciois writes in his blog, “As you watch, you will see familiar scenes from the Super Bowl spot that weave their way in each of these commercials; all of which were scripted and filmed at the same time. Each spot was inspired by stories we’ve heard from people across the country, showing the things they are doing every day to move forward and win their own second half. They are intended to be stories of hope and encouragement.”

Chrysler has termed these ads as “the second half,” an obvious reference to their first ad “Halftime in America” that was aired during the Super Bowl.

The ads are schedules to be aired at popular events, amongst them the NCAA semi-finals and championship game, NHL games, the Martinsville Speedway NASCAR race, the American Country Music Awards and also during the AMC show Mad Men.

The ads have already generated considerable interest. However, it remains to be seen if it can beat the benchmark set by its predecessor, the Clint Eastwood commercial, which on YouTube alone was viewed by an estimated 11 million visitors.

Chrysler Cars Fueled By Ads that Runs on Emotions by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes