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Casino Ads Allowed By NFL

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The National Football League (NFL) will now be allowing different teams to rely on advertisements for different casinos and other recreational activities that involve gambling, at least for the next two football seasons. After the next two seasons, it could become a regular thing but for now, it is basically in the testing stages, to see if it actually works out. There are some rules that have already been set when it comes to these types of advertisements though. For starters, the advertisements are only allowed to be displayed in the programs of games, on radio broadcasts, or on certain areas of the stadiums. The teams have to follow these rules if they plan to rely on casino advertisements. Teams that do not follow rules could be penalized.

The NFL informed the general public about the change, which will now allow this type of advertising, which was once prohibited. Of course, while the advertising is now allowed, there are limitations that must be followed. And, it was important that the leagues set these limitations. Last month, the topic came to light about gambling advertisements and it was discussed amongst owners and the NFL. The NFL decided to do some of their own research and they even worked on performing surveys to figure out what would be best in terms of advertising about casinos and gambling during the football games.

The spokesman for the NFL, Brian McCarthy, says that while the NFL will be accepting this type of advertising, they are doing so in a limited fashion. This means that team players, along with coaches and other staff for the teams are absolutely not allowed to support these gambling advertisements on their own by any means. While the advertisements for gambling and casinos can be featured during the game here and there, the team players and coaches cannot endorse gambling or appear in commercials or other forms of advertisements for casinos and gambling at all.

In the past, there were several teams that were allowed to advertising for horse racing, which is technically a form of gambling. However, the team members and anyone involved were not allowed to offer their own bets and had to come into an agreement with this.

Before the change occurred, advertisements that promoted gambling could simply not be featured at sporting events. But now that the changes are set to take place, gambling advertisements will be allowed during next seasons games. However, the advertisements, while generally trying to grasp the consumer’s attention and get them involved in gambling, will provide an important message that talks about being responsible while going to casinos or gambling here and there. Advertisers have to be willing to agree with this.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes