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Connecticut Investing in Tourism

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The state of Connecticut has already spent a total of $22 million on an advertising campaign that is designed to attract tourists as a way of generating revenue for the state while also creating more jobs for the residents living in the area. The state is going with a tagline that the state is still revolutionary, which may end up being quite catchy. The Governor, Dannel Malloy, plans to unveil everything during next week while also letting the residents know what is going on. There will be plenty of television advertisements as well as radio advertisements that will begin being displayed and heard all over. There is also a focus on social media a well. This campaign, which will last for a total of two years, has been created with the hopes of driving more tourists to the area, especially since the state is still dealing with the aftermath of the Great Recession and the rough economy.

Malloy, who ran for governor nearly two years ago, had promised to put Connecticut back on the map, so to speak. The governor before him, M. Jodi Rell, had actually down the tourist budget for the state, all the way down to $1 million back in 2010. However, Malloy has set his focus on making bigger and brighter chances for all to enjoy. Malloy says that he is a history buff and wants to work on making sure tourists who, like himself, have a love for history, will know that this is the type of place they should want to visit. The state had to cut back billions of dollars from its original budget but Malloy insisted that several million dollars be put toward a tourism campaign because that will lead to more jobs and help to put the state back on the map.

Jim Ritterhoff, who works as a partner for Chowder Inc., which is stationed in New York, says that the state of Connecticut simply wants a time to shine. Ritterhoff says that the state of Connecticut want to have a moment that is much like the “I Love New York” slogan because that is something that truly made people want to visit the city and get to know what it was like while there. Ritterhoff and his team are now working on ways that will show people how inspiring the state of Connecticut can be, as well has how fascinating the countryside and the coastline are. They are working together to gather all sorts of material that would pitch the state of Connecticut in a good light. One person says that the state is just a place to simply sit back and relax, which may end up being something that Ritterhoff and his team use.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes