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Old Character for New Lottery Advertisements

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The New York State Lottery has decided to take a unique approach with its advertising campaign. The new campaign will be primarily focused on a character that was introduced back in 2008 for one of the lottery games, the Take 5. The character, whose name is Little Bit of Luck, was used before but will now be used again as a way of promoting the lottery. Instead of promoting one specific type of lottery game, however, the character will now be promoting the lottery in general, with just about every game one could think of. The advertisement will focus primarily on some of the top lottery games, which includes the Powerball and the Sweet Million. The character will also briefly touch the basics of a quick pick, in which numbers are generated for the person who is buying the ticket if they prefer that over picking out the numbers on their own.

The new advertisements will also feature a quite catchy headline, There Is a Little Bit of Luck for Everyone, in which an individual person will be rooted on by the character per advertisement. Back in 2008, when the character was first introduced, he was seen rooting for large groups of people. However, this is a different spin on the advertisements, in which one character is featured per advertisement instead of large numbers of people. The advertisement will also still feature its usual headline, which is Hey You Never Know!

The New York State Lottery seems to be doing fairly well when it comes to sales, with 12 years in a row of making record-like profits. The changes are not being made because the lottery is not doing well, because it is doing well. The changes are being made simply because New York wants to keep up and keep the advertisement nice and fresh. After doing research, it was found that people often relate to advertisements that feature one single character instead of large groups of characters, which is why they decided to make the changes. Research also showed that many people still recognized the Lil Bit of Luck character, which was a surprise since the advertisements featuring the character had not been displayed for quite a while, but it was definitely that of a pleasant one. The character is quite valuable in the eyes of the consumers, especially because they often feel lucky when they are playing these games.

The character, Little Bit of Luck, looks a lot like a bobble head because its legs are quite oversized and its head is much larger than normal. The character was created via special effects and some people are thinking it will be used as a holograph; much like was done with Tupac.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes