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Tepid College Graduates and the Job Market

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Nick Hintz, a recent college graduate who has not only earned his bachelor’s degree but also has his master’s degree, is employed. He works at job in which he is responsible for cleaning typewriters and the gig is only part-time. One may wonder what someone like Hintz, a person with multiple degrees, would be doing with this type of job. However, Hintz is just proof that the statistics are true. Statistics show that in the area, four out of five recent college graduates will not have a full-time job, especially not in the career of their choice, the career that they were hoping to have and went to school for.

Nearly half of the recent graduates have been unable to find work in the field in which they went to school for and it has been quite difficult for them to find any full-time work as well. This is definitely not so settling news for the college students who will be graduating within the next few weeks. It actually seems to put a dimmer on a day that is supposed to be one of the most important and memorable moments of their life, a  time in which they can truly feel accomplished for all that they have done.

However, because of the great recession, the economy in the United States is still under a huge recovery process and it is going a lot slower than people want the recovery to go. What makes it worse is that college graduates seem to be dealing with the brunt of the crippled economy, more so than any other group of people. These college graduates are entering out into a job market that is simply not up to par and not as big as it once was many years ago. This makes it a whole lot harder for them to find the employment they have been hoping for and went to school for.

Hintz is hoping to have a career in human resources and says he is still looking for human resources positions. He admits that the search has been discouraging, as he has yet to find any luck but will continue to keep searching. He wants to be able to use his education in a position instead of cleaning out typewriters for a living and understandably so. Along with Hintz, there are many other recent college graduates who are dealing with the same fate. Because of this, many college grads are still living at home with their parents, at least until they are able to save up enough money to survive off of. In the meantime, these college grads are hoping that the economy improves fast because they are the cream of the crop and at this point, they are the ones suffering.

Tepid College Graduates and the Job Market by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes