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MediaBrix First Ever Social Advertisement Platform

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MediaBrix is a company known for being a leader in providing different types of advertising solutions for social media outlets. While the company is already a leader at what it does, they have recently announced the new launch of their MediaBrix Platform, in which marketers are provided with the tools they need to advertise efficiently amongst different aspects of social media content, through different videos, mobile devices, and even social games. The company has already had major success at reaching a large number of individuals, over 200 million people, and has worked with some of the most well-known brands. This platform that has now been launched increases engagement between the audience and the advertisement, getting people to have an interest in the advertisements they are seeing and maybe even take time out to share the advertisement with someone else. This is good news for marketers, especially during such a time when many of the marketers are spending plenty of time and effort on social media marketing, as well as digital media marketing.

MediaBrix is a platform that will not cause confusion to the marketers, which is something they will appreciate. Instead, the platform easily enables them to set up and monitor different campaign advertisements that are featured on assorted apps and social media channels with the use of one simple and convenient solution. There are three particular products that make the MediaBrix Platform truly outstanding and those products are the SocialFlex, SocialViews and the SocialBEE. With SocialFlex, the engagement between brands and the targeted audiences is quite good. With SocialViews, sharing is promoted between different users. And, with SocialBEE, leading brands can take the opportunity to integrate their advertisements onto different games. MediaBrix has something to offer to marketers that will actually work and also provide insight into what is going on with the campaigns that they have managed to create.

The CEO for MediaBrix, Ari Brandt, say that the purpose of the platform is to help marketers and make things a bit more simpler for them so that they can easily deliver content-rich, top quality opportunities that will engage the consumers and truly grasp their attention. The platform will help marketers to create interactions between consumers and brands that are actually meaningful. As of right now, they are the only company that has this type of platform available to marketers. MediaBrix continue to be known for providing marketers with the platform they need to advertise efficiently throughout the Internet and, more particular, on social media outlets. Marketers who are looking to provide effective advertisements to consumers can easily benefit from relying on the MediaBrix platform as it is the best solution available to marketers because it makes things much simpler.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes