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Human Resources Resignation

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The Mayor, Holly Brinda, had high hopes of helping to establish a human resources department for the city that would operate efficiently and improve the city altogether. However, it seems as though her hopes have been a bit crushed, as the assistant safety service director, whom she chose on her own, has decided to resign from her position. Her resignation will be finalized by the 15th of June, only a few days away.

Elayne Siegfried was hired for the position because she had the right credential and an extensive background in human resources. Siegfried lives in the Medina area and worked as the human resources director for Parma up until 2004. She is an attorney as well, with extensive knowledge of employment law, which generally made her perfect for the position. Brinda believed that in hiring Siegfried, she would have a lot to offer the city to help improvement be made, especially since she has the right kind of background for the position. Brinda said that Elayne was doing the job of creating leadership within the human resources department while helping the city to save tons of money. However, Siegfried has chosen to resign to take on a new position, in which she will be supporting rural lifestyle instead.

Siegfried was only at the beginning of developing the department but because of her departure, Brinda says, there is still a major need for a human resources department for the city. Brinda believes that the city will ultimately benefit from having a human resources department, especially when that department as a director with the right credentials and background for the position. She still hopes that the department can emerge, as she is devoting a lot of time and energy into its development. Of course, the right people will need to be hired and must be successful in helping the city, which is why the performance of those who are hired within the human resources department will need to be measured. There are currently a lot of concerns within the city, especially with the unpaid bills that the city has. Some people believe that because the city is dealing with unpaid bills, now is not the right time to create a structured human resources department, because that would add onto the amount of salaries that the city would need to pay.

At the beginning of the week, Brinda tried to get an ordinance passed so that she could have the opportunity to hire someone who would work as the human resources specialist for the city. However, the council voted against it, believing that now is just not the right time. Brinda, on the other hand, believes that now is the best time so that the city can work on making improvements.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes