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Marketing and Advertising Hiring Expected

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Just around fifteen percent of the marketing executives are planning to increase the number of staff within their companies over the span of three months. These companies are not only planning to add staff, they are looking to hire staff members who are willing to work full-time positions, which is good news for those who are looking to get into the marketing and advertising aspect of their career. The information was provided by a study from The Creative Group Hiring Index for Marketing and Advertising Professionals. Along with this information, studies show that there about 51 percent of the executives who were surveyed said that it is often difficult to find the right professionals for the jobs, those who are committed leaders with creative and unique ideas and perspectives.

The data that comes from the index is developed from a survey of hundreds of different telephone interviews with marketing and advertising executives and their companies. The executives are asked if they are going to increase the number of staff members they have working for them or if they plan on decreasing staff. The executives are also asked about the types of specialties that are currently in demand within the advertising and marketing sector. The specific specialties that are currently in demand include social media specialists, account services and web design. The vast majority of those who responded to the survey, a whopping 89 percent to be exact reported that they are confident that their company will grow within the third quarter.

An executive director at The Creative Group, the conductors of the survey, said that there are certain initiatives that are growing, which would develop a need for more marketing and advertising professionals. Such initiatives include a number of online projects, as well as social media, which has become increasingly popular and important for advertisers and marketers within recent years. Often times, these agencies are looking for someone who has the right kind of experience, knowledge and the skills to not only get the job done in an efficient manner but also work in a way that would allow the company and all of its opportunities to grow.

The Creative Group is a group that works with a number of different firms, while helping them to find the right kind of professionals for the job, professionals who will work with the company on a full-time basis. These professionals must have a broad range of skills and a deep understanding of advertising and marketing in order to be considered for a position with any of the marketing and advertising firms, as they want to hire professionals who will help the company grow and expand with their extensive knowledge and skills.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes