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Deutsche Bank to Cut Jobs

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When it comes to job cuts we usually look at job cuts in the United States. Though to be honest we all know that job cuts are happening in other nations, such as in Europe. But when you think about job cuts across the pond the odds are good that you picture the nations that are getting a lot of press for their bad economies right now. You most likely think about places like Greece, or Italy, but the odds are good that you would not think of Germany as making a lot of job cuts right now, after all they are a pillar of stability.

Sadly, even stable Germany is turning to job cuts. This time the job cuts are coming from Deutsche Bank which is getting ready to cut back on around 1,000 investment banking jobs in order to set things to right. The company is taking a major turn with this move, as they fears about instability in the Euro Zone are making many people slow down their banking investments in order to keep their money in a less risky location.

Of course these are not the only job cuts made in Germany. For those of you who missed out on our cuts to a prominent German retailer that is making some significant job cuts in order to fix its flagging profits. For those of you who missed it here is an excerpt that will get you up to speed in no time at all, “Today we are talking about job cuts to a prominent retailer in Germany, which is getting ready to layoff a serious number of workers. The company is question is Karstadt and this department store is getting ready to cut back on about 2,000 jobs when all is said ad done. Thankfully the job cuts are not set to come all at once, and will spread out between now and the end of 2014, giving many workers time to find new jobs and make alternate arrangements before they are left without a position.”

Before that it was a German automaker that was getting ready to cut back on 1,500 jobs in order to deal with a dip in demand and create a more stable organization. Here is an excerpt, “Well it looks like the company is getting ready to layoff some of its workers in order to deal with a decreases in demand for their products. The company is getting ready to cut loose 1,500 of their assembly line workers in order to help out the bottom line. The company is cutting back the workers in the assemble lines in the nation of Brazil. On the bright side these layoffs are only a temporary. The workers will be put out of a job for only five months. After that the company should be ready to being the process of making parts again.  Given that the company only employs about 14,000 people in the nation of Brazil the cuts will represent about 10 percent of the overall number of workers in the county.”

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes