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California State University Complaints

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With a large number of complaints within the workforce of California State University in Sacramento, it is quite obvious what type of work environment is going on around the campus. Christine Lovely stepped into the position of Interim Vice President of the Human Resources Department for the University at Sacramento earlier on in the year. Once taking her position, she wanted the human resources department to do a follow up on an examination that started six years ago, back in 2006, for the human resources office. The firm started to go on with a review back in March of this year and by April; they were able to report what was keeping the department down and causing so many complaints to occur in the workplace.

The report that was provided in April made it clear that the human resources employees and staff members felt overwhelmed with the work they had to do and many of them have made complaints about being harassed or retaliated on against. A spokesperson for the Sacramento State, Kim Nava, says that now that the report has been made available, the human resources department has worked on ways in which it can improve the workplace for everyone involved, including increasing communication between all staff members so that they can speak up about the way they are treated and what is really going on in their place of work. Nava said that upon receiving the report, it was taken very seriously because they want to work on improving the efficiency of the workplace so that employees are satisfied. When employees are satisfied, fewer complaints will take place and staff will be able to work in a better manner in an environment where they feel respected and most importantly, appreciated for all that they do.

The report showed that during the month of March, a total of 114 grievances occurred, which is actually far more grievances than any of the California State University Campuses in the different cities. Sacramento came in first with the most grievances and directly behind that was Long Beach and then Fullerton. During the previous year, the Sacramento State Office of Employment Equity dealt with 77 complaints that related to harassment, discrimination and even some different civil rights issues. Due to the grievances, Sacramento State has ended up spending thousands of dollars in the span of one year due to ongoing investigations that had to take place because of employment issues and complaints that were made. In the meantime, while improvements are being made, it is believed that the culture around campus is particularly difficult to be managed.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes