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Joel Kinnamon Suing Former College District4

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The president for the New College of the Desert, Joel Kinnamon, has recently started the process of suing the college district. Several months ago, back in April, Kinnamon chose to file a complaint in which he claims he was discriminated against. He filed the complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the complaint was mage against the former college district, Chabot-Las Positas. While the records have been made public and are easily accessed and have been by The Desert Sun, Kinnamon has clearly stated that matter is based on racial discrimination and that it is a personnel matter that has not been resolved yet. Because it is still ongoing, he is unable to make commentary about what is going on, especially because the person he has had issues with in the past is still working as an employee over at that district.

The New College of the Desert said that they already knew about what was going on with Kinnamon when they first interviewed him and do not feel that the ongoing issue with the former college will have any effect of his new job with them. During the interview process, Kinnamon made it clear as to what went on and the Board of Trustees for the COD felt that he was not at fault at all. In fact, the Chairwoman for the Board of Trustees, Bonnie Stefan, says that Kinnamon simply did what he had to do as a means of protecting himself during a time in which he was dealing with discrimination. Stefan also said that after speaking to Kinnamon, he already told her that he does not have any type of intention of suing the Chabot-Las Positas, although it is a possibility that it might come down to that in the future.

Stefan says that she understands the predicament that Kinnamon is dealing with, knowing that he has had to basically lay down groundwork as a means of protection for him. She does not feel any type of concern that the current ongoing legal issues from the employer that Kinnamon once worked with would have any sort of after effect on his new position with the COD and the task and responsibilities he will have to take care of. In the meantime, Kinnoman is hoping to start over fresh. As he stated to Stefan, he does not have any type of intent on suing and hopes to just move past the incident and enjoy his new position with the New College of the Desert.

Joel Kinnamon Suing Former College District4 by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes