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Increased Employment for Disabled Individuals

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Senator Tom Harkin has recently made an announcement about an innovative approach he is taking to help disabled individuals in the United States. He is working alongside of the government and a number of different businesses as a way of helping at least a million disabled individuals find employment and join the labor force within the span of the next three years. By doing this, there would be a total of 20 percent more disabled individuals employed than before. Harkin believes that it is important to help these individuals find employment in the United States. There are many disabled individuals, some of which are considerably young, who have grown up in the United States and are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This particular Act has been in effect for over two decades and Harkin believes that because it has been around for a while, it is time to make even more improvements and help these individuals find the employment they need and surely deserve.

Many things have been made possible for disabled individuals under the ADA, which includes the wheelchair accessible sidewalks that seem to be located in areas all around the United States, making it easier for disabled individuals to get around from place to place. Workplaces have also been required to assist disabled individuals, making their place of work comfortable and capable for them so that they are not excluded from the jobs they wish to have. And, while a lot of work has been done over the years, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. It is particularly important for these disabled individuals to find jobs because many of them are capable of the tasks and responsibilities at hands and are looking for work. Disabled individuals are often dealing with struggles of trying to find work and it has gotten even worse due to the Great Recession, which happened to cause a serious economic crisis in the United States.

Harkin believes it is important for the business community to gather together and work on making conditions accessible for people with disabilities so that they can, in fact, find work. Harkin believes it is good for businesses to hire these individuals, especially because they are often very productive. He has very high hopes for these individuals, especially as the economy starts to pick up after the recession. He also advises employers to do their part in seeking individuals with disabilities and allowing them to take on positions with their businesses and companies.

Increased Employment for Disabled Individuals by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes