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Mayor’s Son Quit Job

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The Mayor of D.C., Vincent C. Gray, had his son Carlos featured as a captain for part of his campaign several years ago, back in 2010. Carlos was also listed as a marketing coordinator for the Housing Authority of D.C. but now, he is no longer working as a  brand specialist for a particular firm in the New York area, a firm that represent a number of different liquor labels that are currently available on the market. Carlos Gray was receiving around $88,565 per year while working for the housing authority, a job he has had since 2007. However, in the meantime, he was also showing up on a number of different social networking website and websites designed for clubs and partying, in which he was featured with different celebrities in favor of MKTG Inc. The MKTG Incorporation has a number of offices scattered around the United States and represents a number of different popular liquor label, which include Nuvo and Ciroc.

During the end of July, The Washington Times made reports about Carlos Gray and his second job in which he was working for MKTG. Shortly after the report was made, Gray left the company but a spokesperson for the housing authority stated that the reason he stopped working for the second company was because the marketing program came to an end, so the project was completed. The housing authority said that Gray was employed by this firm from November of 2010 up until July of 2012. At this point in time, a representative for MKTG could not provide confirmation on whether or not Gray did leave the firm. The representative asked that all questions for the company be sent to them in writing instead of asked verbally. An e-mail was sent to the company from The Times but the firm has not yet responded to the e-mail message.

Part of working for the housing authority meant disclosing information about any jobs that an individual working for the housing authority had outside of their current work. It is necessary that the employee tell their supervisor of any outside work they might be doing. If the work that the individual is doing outside of work for the housing authority ends up getting in the way of their work, the supervisor may ask the individual to terminate their other jobs in order to continue being employed by the housing authority, which is something that many people believe Gray has chosen to do in order to keep his job. As for the mayor, he has not responded to any questions asked about his son and his other employment outside of working for the housing authority.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes