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Seneca Valley Website Advertisements

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The Seneca Valley School District has decided to allow advertisements to be placed on the school district website as a way of generating more revenue for the district. During the month of August, the district was able to generate a total of around $8,000 alone from advertisements that were placed on the website, the e-newsletter, and the school calendar as well. August was the first month that this form of advertising was available for the school district. The money earned from these advertisements was used to print out the school district calendars that are sent out to each and every family within the school district.

The communications director for the school district, Linda Andreassi, has said, “Like every other district, Seneca Valley was struggling financially.” She also said, “It’s an out-of-the-box way to do it. And it’s money we didn’t have last year.” The district already allowed advertisements to be displayed on the e-newsletter and the school calendar but recently started allowing the advertisement to be displayed on the website. Officials for the district would likely be able to raise around $30,000 each year by simply accepting the advertisements to be displayed on the website.

The owner of Thought Process Enterprises, Eric Venezie, says that the web advertisements have generated a great deal of money and that a total of 40 percent of the advertisement slots have already been sold. Venezie recently signed a contract with the school district several months ago, during the month of June, to help serve for the aspect of advertising.

The banner advertisements and two different box advertisements located on both sides of the home pages are placed on a schedule and five different advertisements can easily rotate throughout each of the boxes. There are currently eight advertisers on the school district website and there is plenty of room for more advertisers to take advantage of the opportunity. One box advertisement currently costs a total of $500 per month while a banner advertisement will cost a total of $600 per month. Advertisements have to be appropriate and must be in good taste because some children may visit the website. Submissions for advertisements must be approved by the communications department for the school district and by the superintendent of the school district as well.

The website is currently a useful tool for the 7,300 students living within the school district, as well as their family and friends. Parents are often checking out the website to find out more about sports, activities, and other schedules. There are plenty of reasons for people to check out the website and plenty of reasons for advertisers to take advantage.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes